2 Ways to Mend Your Broken Heart!

One of the most frequent questions I get asked on a regular basis is how to mend a broken heart? How do you fix it, what do you do to cope with a heart that feels like it has been torn apart? Having been through a very bad break up myself I learnt how to handle my emotions a little better and of course how to fix myself up when my heart was torn apart.

You a heart feels broken because of a build up of emotions destroyed by fear and the loss of DEEP LOVE! This occurs mostly when relationships between 2 loving people is suddenly torn apart. Mending the heart once it has broken is tough, it isn’t easy but there are 2 obvious ways to do this.

Time, Strength & Belief

The first way to mend a broken heart is split into 3 parts. You see, a broken heart is something that cannot be fixed within minutes or a few hours, it does take time and in a lot of cases, it can take a long time to fully heal. Time is a great healer, the best healer and the first part to this solution.

You need to put your strength and belief into the fact time will heal your broken heart and with each passing day you will take a step closer to fully fixing that little ticker of yours. This may seem an obvious but many people going through the destroyed heart syndrome forget that over time it will be better. Time is a great healer as mentioned, but you need strength and belief from you to enable time to work its magic!

Rekindling The Love

I am going to play devils advocate here a little and go against the usual calls of “You Need TO Move On!” or “You Need To Live & Forget!” because mending a broken heart isn’t just about moving on as the solution can in a lot of cases be right under your nose.

Obviously every situation is different and depending on the break up will depend on the time and success of rekindling the love. But once you have found someone that matters in life, it is blind to block it our and stupid to try and forget.

This is where rekindling the love can in a lot of cases be the key to not just mending a broken heart but reinforcing it so it becomes stronger. You ever heard of the fact “Clean a Red Wine stain with White Wine” “Wine V Wine”, well this is similar, you fight “Love with Love” and the outcome of which can be the answer to how to mend a broken heart!

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