How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back?


Are you crying over spilt milk? Regretting the time when your anger got the better of you, and drove you over the edge? Feeling sorry that you called him so many names and swore never to see him again? Felt like hitting him when he broke it off? Well, in that case, you need some help. Look, it is required that you understand that in this love arena of gain and defeat, in pain and happiness, you are not alone. We all have been there, done that, but still it is never over. If you think that this situation is the very end of your world, think again. Love is something that is forever alive, and … [Read more...]

Advice on How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back After a Breakup


So you you've broken up with your boyfriend, maybe it was his fault, maybe it was your fault, it doesn't really matter, all you know is you badly want him back. Well don't sit there waiting for the phone to ring, take matters into your own hands to get your boyfriend back, otherwise you may lose him for good. Now this doesn't mean you should rush to make that call yourself, you see you need to have a strategy to get your ex boyfriend back and keep him for good. You need to play it cool, but not to cool. Men (and women for that matter) are more likely to pursue you if you play a little hard … [Read more...]

Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – Important Things To Do And Not Do


If you want to know how to get your ex-boyfriend back, there are several things you should do and several things that you definitely should not do. The following list of dos and don'ts are important first steps toward getting him back. DO NOT smother him. I know that when you miss someone and are afraid you will never get him back, the first temptation is to call, text message and email him constantly. Avoid doing this at all costs. You will only annoy and push him away. DO give him some space. Instead of harassing him, leave him alone for awhile. Again, I know it is hard to do, but … [Read more...]