How to Mend a Broken Heart After a Bad Break-Up


After a painful break-up, there's a great urge inside of you to take the pain that you're feeling instantly. The pain after break-up is not a joke, for some it even results to suicidal thoughts. But you can easily deal with it if you know how to treat the real problem. The real problem after the break-up is dealing with the feelings of rejection. If you are the one being rejected your pride is wrecked and if you're the one who initiated the break-up you'd still feel the guilt. Whatever role you play you still feel pain. Here are great tips to heal you fast from a broken heart. a.) Stop connection … [Read more...]

Advice For a Broken Heart


The feeling of loss that comes after a breakup can be devastating. Healing a broken heart can take quite a lot of time. The feelings of sadness and despair that are felt after a long standing relationship ends is incomparable to pretty much anything else. Sometimes you are going to want your ex back and sometimes you are going to want to forget them entirely. Regardless of which you decide it'll certainly take some time to handle your broken heart. Here's some advice for a broken heart. Finding a way to regain your composure and get your emotions in order again is imperative. Rebound relationships … [Read more...]

2 Ways to Mend Your Broken Heart!


One of the most frequent questions I get asked on a regular basis is how to mend a broken heart? How do you fix it, what do you do to cope with a heart that feels like it has been torn apart? Having been through a very bad break up myself I learnt how to handle my emotions a little better and of course how to fix myself up when my heart was torn apart. You a heart feels broken because of a build up of emotions destroyed by fear and the loss of DEEP LOVE! This occurs mostly when relationships between 2 loving people is suddenly torn apart. Mending the heart once it has broken is tough, it isn't … [Read more...]