Referring to the reader in a book?

I'm writing a story, and I was wondering if it's bad to refer to the reader. I'm writing in first person past tense, and sometimes my character mentions 'you.' Like 'I guess you don't need to see the sky to know it's there...' blahblahblah that's not the actual sentence, but that's basically it. It's not dialogue. … [Read more...]

What could possibly happen if two lonely, broken-hearted people get together?

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Can anybody give me a quote about girls that they show off there boobs ?

lots of girl my age do this and i want something to slap them in the face for it , cause i hate it . … [Read more...]

If we are creatures controlled by cause and effect, why do we get broken hearts?

I am not referring to being sperned and feeling really bad for a few weeks, I mean a broken heart that could last 5, 10, or 15 years. How do you mend a broken heart? (I acknowledge evolution, and I believe in logical consequences, but how could a broken heart be a logical consequence of evolution alone?) Thanks for the great answers. … [Read more...]

how can we make my mother in law feel better about her dog dying?

my mother in law had a little dog that was 15 years old, it couldnt breathe good or walk very well. she let him out alone this morning just for 5 minutes so she could wash some dishes. she went to get him and discovered he fell in the pool and drowned. now she keeps blaming herself and feels really bad. what can we do? … [Read more...]

What are some songs about loving someone and them not having the same feelings towards you?

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How do I handle a breakup?

I'm a little confused on how to overcome a breakup? All the guys say grow some nuts, man up, etc. (Basically forget her and move on). Others say to reflect over the relationship and take time to grieve the loss. I'm still hurting, I just don't know what to do from here. … [Read more...]

What are some songs that make you cry?

I cry at some songs other people usually don't like I cry when I hear "Sweetest Girl" by Wyclef Jean, then more normal ones like, Cancer- MCR and stuff like that. Any hip hop songs that make you cry or am I crazy? Any songs at all? … [Read more...]

Is it possible to regress in the grieving process?

Just wondering if anyone out there who is mourning for someone they've lost found that they've actually been going backwards in the process? As in it is getting harder to deal with? If so, is this normal and does anyone know what this means? Does it depend on how close you were to the person? Does it depend on how much you've been able to talk to others about it and get it off your chest? Any info would help, 10 points for best answer … [Read more...]

What do you think about the view about the holy books?

They say that the scriptures are Divinely inspired not because God wrote them Itself but because we ARE God. People are the ones who experience life and through us God grows to know all things. God being all knowing is true because combining all of the perceptions of Mankind, animals and maybe even plant life and whatnot, we are all All Knowing together in a sense. What do you think??? … [Read more...]

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