how can we make my mother in law feel better about her dog dying?

my mother in law had a little dog that was 15 years old, it couldnt breathe good or walk very well. she let him out alone this morning just for 5 minutes so she could wash some dishes. she went to get him and discovered he fell in the pool and drowned. now she keeps blaming herself and feels really bad. what can we do?


  1. purplekitty627 says:

    Tell her that no one knew that that was going to happen.

  2. Lauren says:

    oh that is so sad, i know how she feels i had a dog that drowned in my pond. i don’t even know what you would say to her maybe try to do something with her to keep her mind off it.

  3. gambit says:

    She should feel bad. She should have been watching him since he was 15 and was disabled. Tell her that when she is 90 you will do the same to her.

  4. taffygirl says:

    As sad as it is, tell her it’s gonna be ok. Give her some time to heal, & then go to a shelter & maybe get a new dog.

  5. Peaches says:

    It was his time, and God intervened by placing the pool in the dogs path so he could die. The dog was suffering and she should have put it to sleep by now, but since she didn’t, the dog died on it’s own. He’s in a better place now, and it was for the best.
    If she’s an older adult, by now she knows how life and death work. It just happens. She’ll get over it in time. just keep re iterating that that dog was well beyond it’s life expectancy and suffering miserably. God took the dog home because it was not only time, but well past time for it to go.

    When a living creature can’t breathe anymore, that is the most miserable thing in the world. If I didn’t know better, I’d say it was a doggie suicide. Poor little thing.

  6. Big L says:

    Tell her you understand her loss and most important of you need to understand that greiving is part of life. We need to do this to get over things…but if she can’t get over it then you may have to cave and buy her another pet. Some people create very strong relationships with pets and can be really affected by the loss of a friend.

  7. CommanderCrusty says:


  8. Starship Pain says:

    Oh Jesus Christ. Thats messed up.
    Thanks for telling us such a horrible story to ruin all of our days.
    Regardless, it just takes time to heal. There is nothing you can say to instantly make her feel better. Do some nice things for her, maybe take her out to eat tonight or tomorrow night. Help her clean her house and that kind of stuff. Let her know you are there for her.

    At 15, the dog was on extended time anyways. Had he not drowned he probably would have died from natural causes soon.

  9. Sanctuary Of Islam says:

    Aww god bless her little soul :(

    Best thing is she needs all the time in the world to get over this. It’s like a deep wound, you cant dump neosporine and bandages all over it hoping within seconds it’ll heal. It might take couple days or weeks.
    And a broken heart is tough to mend.

    But think of this, I promise It’ll help soothe her heart :)

    Take her out to an animal shelter of some sort and let her watch the dogs that are ill or need help. While you guys are there remind to her in her ear ” Oh Ma, you took care of that dog so well, she is at such peace. Look at these poor dogs, they dont have ANYONE.”


    “(name of dog) is in heaven now and happy as can be, unlike many dogs around the world who are feeling so ill and need help. Many owners dont take care of their dogs, they treat them so harshly. We are so happy for you doing what you did, and remmeber mom, everything happens for a reason… (this is where you bring in your religion into this IF you are a devout christian/catholic/jew whatever you are)

    Why? Reverse Psychology, technically you are not PLAYING mind games with her, you are proving to her the opposite. That she is NOT to blame for the death of her dog.

    Hope it Helps !! :)

  10. RL says:

    It will take a while for her to get over this after having her pet for so many years. She loved the dog and feels guilty and it is painful.
    Was the dog buried in her yard? If so, purchase a pretty marker for her with a saying about a pet or with the dog’s name on it. It can be like a stepping stone that is placed in the garden area.
    In time she might like to get another pet. Check around for breeders and take her to look at the puppies or check with the Humane Society. Many times they have pure bred dogs that are only a few years old. You can tell them what you are looking for and they can call you if they receive a dog she would like.
    Remind your family that our animals are like our children and to be sensitive to her feelings.

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