How to Mend a Broken Heart After a Bad Break-Up

After a painful break-up, there’s a great urge inside of you to take the pain that you’re feeling instantly. The pain after break-up is not a joke, for some it even results to suicidal thoughts. But you can easily deal with it if you know how to treat the real problem. The real problem after the break-up is dealing with the feelings of rejection. If you are the one being rejected your pride is wrecked and if you’re the one who initiated the break-up you’d still feel the guilt. Whatever role you play you still feel pain. Here are great tips to heal you fast from a broken heart.

a.) Stop connection with your ex of any forms. Stop any channel of communication with your ex, be it with text, call or emails. It is not significant in your healing it would only open up good memories

b.) Stop intimacy with your ex. Do not have sex with your ex. Most people who are undergoing healing from a break-up feel vulnerable but you can control your weakness and think about respecting yourself. Do the right things for you and your growth.

c.) Improve yourself. You need to look at yourself in the mirror; maybe you become unattractive already because you’ve been in a relationship for so long. Improve yourself by losing weight, exercising, getting a new haircut and so on. Pamper yourself because no one else will.

d.) Surround yourself with the right and positive people. You would want to be surrounded with people who can sympathize but not those friends who are common to the two of you. When you surround yourself with right and positive people, their positive attitude would be so contagious.

e.) Do the things you have wanted to do. There are things that we cannot do or been thinking to do but because we were in a relationship we didn’t have any time to do them. This is the right time for new things to get going.

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