How to Mend a Broken Heart Tips

“Well, since my baby left me, I found a new place to dwell, It’s down at the end of lonely street, At Heartbreak Hotel” – that’s what Elvis felt, do you feel the same? Is this your first heartbreak? Had a jilted love affair? Are you feeling in the dumps now? Want to get over it? Don’t know how to mend a broken heart? Here’s some advice for you…

It’s always sad when your loved one, with whom you’ve shared your emotions and memories, breaks it to you that he’s breaking up with you. Once that happens, you seem to lose the confidence in yourself, and you might get suicidal, having no control over your emotions and losing that spark in life! If your boyfriend dumped you because he needed time to decide if he wants to marry you, or to decide if he feels for you, what would you do? Leave him, or shut yourself up? Give him some time, don’t send him messages, and don’t visit him unexpectedly, if you want to avoid problems.

If you have friends, spend more time with them. They will keep you busy and help keep your mind off your boyfriend for a while, unless they keep asking you about him! Even if they do, try avoiding the topic or else it’ll become a vicious circle and you’ll be perpetually thinking how lonely you actually feel without him! Go socialize rather than brood over what’s ended. Build up your will power and try to move on.

You might wonder how to mend a broken heart when you’re alone? Be innovative! Rather than thinking about your mistakes and his, try playing your favorite CD, or listen to those dance tracks on your iPod, the ones you used to dance to in front of the mirror! Take care not to listen to the ones that might bring back memories of him, or else you’ll have another bout of melancholy. Listen to music that’ll alleviate your sorrow, and make you a happier person by energizing you. Try trance, rock, pop, hip-hop, dance, or house? Such songs can take you out of depressions, and you’ll feel better swinging and swaying to the tunes, even if you aren’t a good dancer!

You want to know how to mend a broken heart by pampering yourself? Read on and very soon you’ll be over and out and moving on. Remember that your first love should be yourself! That’ll boost your ego. So what should you do? Go get a facial, or a massage followed up by a pedicure and a manicure and maybe a new look! That’ll give you a new personality and make you feel more confident!

Finally, having acquired a new look, and having learnt from your last relationship, it’s time for you to move on and start afresh. You can start dating again but remember to take your new lover the way he is, and try not to compare him to your ex! Live and let live!

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