If we are creatures controlled by cause and effect, why do we get broken hearts?

I am not referring to being sperned and feeling really bad for a few weeks, I mean a broken heart that could last 5, 10, or 15 years.

How do you mend a broken heart?

(I acknowledge evolution, and I believe in logical consequences, but how could a broken heart be a logical consequence of evolution alone?)
Thanks for the great answers.


  1. cloe e says:

    Well, I don’t know if the things that really truly hurt us deeply emotionally ever really heal,
    it just gets easier to live with and it molds the way your life unfolds and the choices you make in the future, ‘
    that’s the effect from the broken heart.

    I was watching a documentary on gorillas, anyway, one of the gorillas mother died. The gorilla was so depressed that it went up into his tree hideaway and refused to leave, basically starved himself to death.

  2. Pangel says:

    you dont mend the broken heart… you make use of it
    you learn that you dont ever want to make someone else feel that pain
    you learn that to have it broken in such a way must have came from a great love with great memories
    you take the possitive from that
    you know that when you do love again it will be the best most beautiful love because of all you have learned

  3. :? says:

    YOU control eveything that happens to you. It’s your thoughts that become “things” in your life. Read about the Law of Attraction.

  4. Sunman says:

    I will answer your second question.
    It will heal on its own, as long as it is not allowed to become infected with resentment.
    If this happens, the wound will have to be re-opened to let the poisons out.

    —–I’m not Christian, but my understandng is;
    one of the meanings of salvation is the process of re-opening the wound and applying the
    salve.(to promote healing)

  5. redeemed says:

    God’ heart was broken when the people He created turned away from Him.

    His love can mend a broken heart. (This I speak from experience).

    Having a broken heart is a deeper pain than any I have ever experienced. When you are broken and in pain and all you can do is ask God to take it and mend it & to protect you from the one who has hurt you.

    The mending starts when you start to forgive the one who did the breaking, even if they never ask for forgiveness. There is a bitterness that grows and takes root when we hold on to unforgiveness. So start there.

    Hope this helps…. take care.

  6. jetthrustpy says:

    Maybe the ability to have a broken heart is a just a side effect of intelligences

  7. pretty girl says:

    first of all, it is because of our thoughts:

    for example i think i love my friend, but he will leave me, i will be sad. i became sad just because he left me.
    because i saw myself happy with him, and he was reason for my happiness, since i loose him, then my happiness is over.

    u know our thoughs are very dengrous, and have lots of power, we really should be careful about them. because our thoughts will control every thing about us, our emothions, behavior, personality. and so on.

  8. I am one man says:

    Because you know neither the “cause” nor the “effect”

    My heart was only broken once and since then I have grown it into solid “love”

  9. acid_zebra: nonprophet. says:

    because other creatures and indeed the whole system is controlled by cause and effect as well.

  10. James W says:

    A broken heart to the degree of physical or mental problems cannot be explained by science. They can deal with the after effects (stress) but science does not deal with emotions. A broken heart in its most basic stage is faith lost in another person. If the former is true than the same would be an acknowledgment of faith.
    That’s the way I see it. Doesn’t made it right or wrong.

  11. annikagyrl says:

    The question you ask was also pondered by the great philosophers of history, including the BeeGees, who said:

    “How can you mend a broken heart?
    How can you stop the rain from falling down?
    How can you stop the sun from shining?
    What makes the world go round?”

    I’m not sure if they ever found an answer.

  12. San Sui says:

    Human emotion is part of the cause of sufferings. To avoid further sufferings, one must try to forget unneeded lingering of emotion. It is easier said than done. Evolution in the spiritual or mental part of living is in the philosophy.

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